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Wreck Your Brain is a puzzle-quiz genre game that focuses on testing our knowledge.It tackles general knowledge, science, maths, and etc. As every game has its own main character, this game’s main character is an owl since the owl symbolizes wisdom and intelligence. As for now this quiz game has 10 questions that you can try and play to test your knowledge! You have 10 seconds to answer each question, or you’ll lose a life.

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December 09, 2021

Wreck Your Brain

Our developers use Unity for the development platform. We started off with brainstorming possible game ideas that could be played by everyone. After that comes the development part with coding and designing. The quiz game is programmed to randomize the questions to make it different for every player. During the 2 days of REKAthon we did final fixes and testing of the game. From the idea of education quiz games like Kahoot, we tried to make our game into an interesting one that could be played by students as fun activities.


Siti Nabilah

Junior Front-End Developer

Siti Sarah Binti Mohd Sidek

Junior Front-End Mobile Developer


Shafiq Zainuddin

Front-End Developer Intern


Muhammad Ali Zulfaqar bin Shahrul Nizam

Junior Software Developer