Newbies is a casual adventure role playing type of game with an office setting. This game is where the player become an intern struggling in making his way to the top of the company. The player will have to interact with the non-player character to do quest and progress throughout the game.

December 09, 2021


The idea of this game is to make a casual non-competitive game that everyone can enjoy and play to relax and have fun. Among us and adorable home is the game that inspired us to create a 2d retro style pixelated role-playing game. For the game setting, typical rpg will usually be fantasy or dungeons & dragons but we want something new and different, so we took inspiration from REKA itself to create a game where the player become an intern in a company. As for game development, we decided to build the game using unity game. Even though unity is not well known for making 2d top-down game, it’s the best game engine that we can use since it has a lot of tutorials and big community that can help us. The objectives of the game is to let the player explore the game map and environment of the office and interact with npc all around the office to progress and grow their character. Of course, the game is for from complete, there’s a lot more things and features to add to the game in the future, as for now people can enjoy exploring the game and play some mini games that’s in the game.




App Developer



Marketing & PR Intern



Web Developer Intern



Junior Web Developer