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Sanatoria is a 3D horror game set in a sanatorium filled with ghouls and other restless souls who might have unfulfilled desires before succumbing to eternal slumber inside the sanatorium.


December 09, 2021


Sanatoria is derived from Sanatorium, hence why the player only roams a hospital setting. It’s supposed to have more spooky asylum vibes. What was developed for the alpha: ONE very interesting puzzle Scary ambience and shocking jumpscares Sanatorium assets Decent game level design and structure This game was created with Unity 3D inspired by the game Amnesia : The Dark Descent The story centres around a man named Zakul, who is stuck in an asylum. When he woke up, everything was dark. He ventures out of the spawn area, but ends up in a winding maze; to get out, he needs to find 3 keys. Each key can be found when he plays 3 different puzzles, each puzzle scattered throughout the maze. Some parts of the maze can have a theme, a scary theme of some sort for different parts of the maze.



Front-End Developer


Product Habilitation Lead

Suad Anwar

Product Research Advocate