A pop of color and more: fresh look at REKA’s new logo

The integration of the colour blue and orange reflects the recent news of REKA merging to become part of SERV Group.

by Irma

Over the past 3 years, REKA has evolved and undergone many changes since the days of the autonomous vehicle project. Along with the growth of our company, our range of developments have also expanded beyond what REKA were previously known for. This expansion has led to the evolution of our new look and feel, which is now expanding to multiple disciplines under Artificial Intelligence, big data analytics and autonomous machinery.


Today, REKA is introducing a new logo and identity family. We decided; what better way to present our internal change than to display it externally. This new face of REKA reflects our future alongside the fun and beautiful side to the realm of technology. We’ve taken the original REKA logo and branding which were originally built to show the systematic and disruption in tech development and made a few tweaks to the design to showcase the endless fun side with different kinds of inputs in technology.


Regarding the design of the logo, it draws inspiration from the fun in the world of technology. The integration of the colour blue and orange reflects the recent news of REKA merging to become part of SERV Group. Every symbol of our new branding symbolizes the fun and curiosity within the heart of each peREKA.


The CEO of REKA, Haziq Faris, expressed his thoughts on the matter. “We have grown our nature of research significantly over the last several years and the newly launched branding is truly showcasing the natural evolution of that transformation. While our name remains the same, our logo has changed significantly to better represent who we are and the uniqueness in each of our talents at REKA”.


Designed to work effortlessly across digital and physical channels, the new logo evokes a feeling of inspiration and the upward-pointing lines signify movement, positivity, speed—and velocity. In addition to this, the new branding also exemplifies how REKA helps companies break through barriers to global business.


About REKA

REKA is a Research & Development company from Malaysia that focuses on delivering digital technologies and automation within organizations. Being one of the first startups to build autonomous vehicles within the region, REKA’s outreach has stretched to other countries around the globe, helping organizations to go digital, strategizing technology implementations and helping the community with Science, Technology & Arts.